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Knit World 2018 International Exhibition and Tex Mach 2018

The Journals Publication: Organizers

“Knit World + Tex Mach and Hosiery and Textile journal are the sister concerns”

Knit World’ is Northern India’s most comprehensive Knitting Technology Trade Fair organized by the Journal’s Publication at Ludhiana. Knit World provides a great platform to the local industry in bridging the technology gap. Since the first event in 1995, we have made steady progress and accelerated in the past few years crossing over 300 Exhibitors to our credit. Knit World has grown in stature over the years and today it is rated as a ‘Fair of the Fairs’ by the industry. Last year following the heavy demand of the participants and visitors, our strive to bring new in the market ,we have come forth with an effort to bring Knitting and Textile market together thus holding both the segments of the industry together under the same roof as Knit World + Tex Mach.One of the oldest Publishing Firm in the Ludhiana industry, The Journal’s Publications has been serving the lot since 1932. Established by Mr. G. Lal Tassavar, founding head, the firm started out as a publishing firm with its renowned magazine in the genres of Knitting and textile around the northern industry as Hosiery and Textile Journal. The magazine is celebrated across the industry as one of the highly sought after magazine for those who need to have a knack of the industry know-how.

Mr. Narinder Mohan Sharma: Organizer / Prop

It was in the affective leadership of Mr. Narinder Mohan Sharma, son of Mr. G. Lal Tassavar an alumnus of Govt. Institute of Textile Chemistry and Knitting Technology, that the idea of bringing the buyers and sellers of Knitting - Garment – Allied Machines & Accessories on a single platform in the form of KNITWORLD exhibition was conceived, which was the first ever exhibition to exhibit the internationaltechnique of the industry in house and overseas in 1995 in Ludhiana, Punjab, India. His unrelenting dedication ,in-depth knowledge and strive to bring Ludhiana at par to the international standards that today the name KNIT WORLD has become a brand in itself providing the best in the Industry worldwide and most vied for Exhibition who look for internationally acclaimed market in the growing sectors of Ludhiana Knitting and Hosiery Industry.